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About Inaygia

Who is Inaygia?
Created in 2019 by Sasha Alexander, Inaygia is a customized clean beauty brand. Our specialty is skincare infused makeup that has dual benefits for your skin.
I want to partner with Inaygia.
That is wonderful! We welcome collaborations. Please contact us here or at info@inaygia.com with your ask.
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Inaygia Products

How do I mix the mineral shade pigment with the base BB Cream?
Use a small spatula and your own bowl or jar to mix the pigments in with the base cream. Mix until it is completely blended together and no powder remains.
I’m using my own cream/lotion. How do I know how much pigment to put in?
Each regular size mineral shade pigment package is enough for a 30 g or 30 ml batch of cream or lotion. Not sure how much that is? It’s about 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons. So mix a 1:1 ratio of 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) of cream or lotion with 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) of mineral shade pigment.
How do I create my own shade?
If you have opted to mix your own shade with our ready to wear mineral shade pigments, find the colour that is the closest to your skin tone. Take note of your undertones as well. Then use a lighter or darker shade with the undertone you identified to mix and make your perfect shade.
I don’t have time to make my own shade.
Please purchase “make me a shade“, upload a photo and we will get a shade made for you ASAP.

Shipping & Returns

Where does Inaygia ship to?
Currently, we only ship to Canada and the USA. Stay tuned for when we launch in other countries.
How much is shipping?
FREE if you purchase $100 or more. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
How do I return my item?
We do not take returns due to the personal nature of the products.

Eco-friendly Stance

Is Inaygia eco-friendly?
Our concept is eco-friendly as it encourages you to utilize and re-use your own jars and bowls for your makeup.

The boxes and tissue paper that Inaygia products come packaged in are all recycled material and recyclable themselves.

As for our main packaging for our products, we encourage you to find a free Zero Waste Box (by TerraCycle) in your area or purchase one for yourself in order to dispose of our product pouches.

We are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly within the cosmetics industry. If you have a tip, let us know!

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